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A Christmas of Chaos – Corporal Allen Hancock, 125 Signal Squadron, Darwin

Christmas in Darwin was always something quite different from that experienced anywhere down south. There really was no ‘silly season’ as such, probably because the ‘silly season’ lasts twelve months up there. Before the introduction of Remote Locality Leave Travel, it was normal for personnel on a two-year posting to […]

Gary Gibson – The Darwin Disaster – Electronics Australia Magazine

The below files are copies of pages from the now no longer published Electronics Australia Magazine. The article outlines the role Myself and my wife along with the many Australian Amateur radio operators played in the immediate post cyclone communications out of Darwin. We moved from Darwin to Northern NSW […]

Valda Lefebvre – Our Wedding Anniversary

My husband Lou and I had only arrived in Darwin 6 months before Cyclone Tracy with our three little sons, Justin, four years old, and twins Shannon and Paul, three years old. We had settled happily in our Thornton Crescent, Moil home, a very sturdy home built by Watkins Builders […]

Robert and Mary Fox – An Account of Cyclone Tracy

This is not my story but that written by late wife, Mary Fox, shortly after Cyclone Tracy. It is the personal account of our experience during and immediately after CT. Mary passed away on 30 May 2022. Robert Fox An Account of Cyclone Tracy by Mary Fox, January 1975.   […]

Lorraine Dickson – Cyclone Tracy and Evacuation

At the time of Cyclone Tracy I was living as a young Army wife in Larrakeyah Barracks where my husband was posted. I was in the early months of my first pregnancy and working as a Community Nurse based at the Parap Centre. At the time of Tracy I was […]

Darwin 1974 & a Letter Sent the Next Day – Frances Marilyn Roberts

I flew, with our four children, to Darwin on 2 November 1974, my birthday, with a couple of suitcases, just clothes, bedding and a few bits and pieces. The rest of our belongings were very few and arranged to be delivered in about 2 months. John had secured a home […]

David Curtis’s story

By Christmas 2024, it will be the 50th Anniversary of Cyclone Tracy, the fiercest and most destructive cyclone that destroyed Darwin. Here is our story of escape and survival of Cyclone Tracy. At the time, my wife Penelope and I were staying with my wife’s parents, Colin and Clara Royes, […]

My recollections of Cyclone Tracy Christmas 1974 by Grahame Stewart

Each year during “Cyclone Season” (November to February) every week or two we would listen to the “Woomp Woomp Woomp Cyclone Alert ! Cyclone Alert !” on radio and television until most people including Velia (my wife) and I just became very complacent. In fact 3 weeks before Tracy I […]